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Military and Defense Industry

Groth Engineering has had the privilege and pleasure to make parts for the military and defense industry. We have machined components such as detonators, relays, triggers, gamma radiation detectors and neutron radiation detectors. One of our more rewarding experiences is to be involved in anti-terrorism programs.

Anything Groth Engineering can do for our country will always be our top priority.

We take pride in our ability to accurately dimension and finish our parts. This is especially true when working on parts that need to be waterproof where o-ring seal channel dimensions are a key and critical part of the project.

We maintain MIL-I-45208A specifications in all the work that we do.

One of our customers asked our advice in the engineering and construction of some detonator parts. We worked with them hand in hand to achieve their objectives and deliver parts that looked great and performed to expectations. These are all key factors, even if the part will be blown up or may never be seen by the public.

Needless to say everything is made in USA including all the material we use. We are very proud of it.