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Brazing & Soldering

Silver brazing is used to join parts with a very fine finish, a strong bond and joints that are leak free. The process heats metal up to approximately 450ºC (840ºF) to allow the silver solder to flow evenly over the joints forming a tight bond. Silver brazing produces joints that meet specifications for mechanical performance, electrical conductivity, pressure tightness, corrosion resistance, and service temperature. We work with both new fabrication as well as reconditioning of existing components. We can braze small quantity production lots and single items that conform to Federal Specifications with FAA approved processes.

Groth Engineering has brazed center conductors for microwave applications holding tolerances to within .0005 in linear length of 13”. "It was a challenge for us, which we love, but with our years of experience we developed the proper tooling to make it a reality."

We’ve been awarded most valuable vendor of the year by some of our customers for our work on brazing heat exchangers with no leakage tolerance.

We helped develop heat exchangers for temperature control of microprocessor chips for testing and were again, awarded most valuable vendor for our work on that project. We also worked with our customers in the music industry to help them come up with a solution to braze microphone heads together not just for function but also for artistic value.

With brazing the bond and finish that goes into each of our parts is our primary concern. In the enc it all comes down to caring for our customers and the work we do.