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Groth Engineering is your full service machine shop. We offer services that few other shops in our category do. We take pride in our high end capabilities, engineering expertise and ability to connect with you to understand specifically what you are looking for in your project.

Groth Engineering is not just another machine shop. Holding extreme tolerances is just what we do. It requires the right equipment, that’s why none of our CNC equipment is older than 3 years. We are always looking to bring on added capabilities to our arsenal to better serve you.

Some of what we offer:
a) Engineering - DFM, reverse or from your idea
b) Innovative ideas for your project - No Charge
c) Prototyping - we do it routinely
d) Short run production
e) Long run production
f) Secondary operations, chemfilm, anodizing, heat-treating and more
g) We take pride in being honest - we’ll always give you an honest answer
h) If we feel our shop would not be a good fit for your project, we will try to find a shop that’s a better fit.

It’s all part of our commitment to caring for our customers and putting your needs first.